Mars Attacks Cards - The Ultimate Collector’s Guide [Old Sports Cards]

In 1962, Topps released their infamous Mars Attacks cards and faced an almost immediate public backlash.

So much so that a complaint from a Connecticut district attorney caused Topps to stop producing the cards altogether…

So what was the big deal?

The 55-card set told the story of a Martian invasion and near destruction of Earth in gruesome visual detail.

Images on the cards featured people and pets being burned, zapped with lasers, and ruthlessly tortured.

Kids may have loved the cards but parents naturally hated them…

What is not debatable is that this set is one of the most popular non-sports card sets of all-time and rivals other sets like the Garbage Pail Kids as the most controversial in the entire hobby.

And in this article you can see every card in the set and follow along with the story written on the backs of them card by card.

But consider yourself warned because again, some of them are extremely violent…


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