Complete Halloween Music Catalog to Download [Halloween Shindig]

Halloween Shindig came to life back in 2002 as a single disc, 700mb compilation made for a Halloween party thrown at the Academy Arts Building of Savini High in Monessen, Pennsylvania. It drew its name from the Mr. Show with Bob and David sketch Probings, which pokes no small amount a fun at the novelty Halloween genre.

The compilation was a hit, so the following year it was expanded to a 2nd CD.

Over the next few years, attending all manner of Halloween parties in the Los Angeles area, my friends and I started feeling tricked by the musical selections with which were being treated. This was Halloween dammit! Where was all the Halloween music? Where were all the great songs about and from Horror movies?

So, with help of friends and the growing internet, I began focusing efforts to expand the playlist. Halloween Shindig would cater to the Horror set; no modern pop, vaguely related nonsense or cheerful dance floor hits here. This would be a playlist for Dream Warriors and Fright Night and The Misfits.

By 2010, we began throwing our own parties, with The Shindig serving as the evening‘s audio entertainment, and everyone rejoiced. More and more friends starting asking me for the playlist, which I was more than happy to provide, but it wasn’t easy. There had to be a better way!

And then, I started wondering if more people out there wouldn’t also enjoy the custom Halloween playlist I’d been creating. So in 2012, I created this blog as a way to share The Shindig with the world.

Now, 6 years and over 200 songs later, Halloween Shindig lives at its own address and can be accessed the world over by Halloween and Horror fans similarly disillusioned by the audio offerings of their local Halloween Shindigs.

So whaddya waitin’ for…dig in!

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