Season 3 Episode 13 Podcast 70

Originally aired Saturday, November 18, 2023.

Cemetery A 100 Word Thrill King Adventure RikTyCemetery, A 100 Word Thrill King Adventure [RikTy]


HeBGB TV Scream Team ReleasingHeBGB TV [Scream Team Releasing]

Don’t Touch That Dial! A multidimensional cable box installs itself into a neighborhood and slowly, the world. We follow two siblings as they journey through channels of television mayhem and stand up to the algorithm…The Purple Guy. From musical numbers with puppets to demonic lesbian possessions, HeBGB TV has something for everyone with a Halloween heart. A true DIY experience, HeBGB TV takes you through the horrors of late 90s television and twists them through a spooky, sci-fi lens.

DIY to its core, HeBGB TV is a spooky, sci-fi story that takes you through the horrors and laughs of cable television. This film is a cacophony of comical commercials, perverse puppets, and monstrous music with a naughty dose of 90s nostalgia. HeBGB TV is indie horror comedy at its queerest. Directed, Produced, and Written by Adam Lenhart, Eric Griffin, and Jake McClellan.


Scream 1981 vs Scream 1996 Ginger Nuts of HorrorScream (1981) vs Scream (1996) [Ginger Nuts of Horror]

Have you ever been talking about a film with someone, and it becomes clear that you are talking about a different film? Confusing everyone involved. It can sometimes be confusing when two films that have the same name. The most infamous being the two Jack Frost, released within a year of each. But one is a horror film, and one is a family film. Although it could be argued that Michael Keaton as a snowman is as terrifying as the snowman in the actual horror film. Sometimes the same title happens to films in the same genre, and here is where the battle can begin. So over a series of articles, I will look at two (or more) films with the same title but are different. This means I won’t be looking at remakes, sequels, prequels and requels. So there won’t be Halloween (1978) vs Rob Zombie’s Halloween vs Halloween (2018). So considering all that, here is our first battle – Scream vs Scream.


Hallowed Days 2020 Book Review HellnotesHallowed Days (2020) Book Review [Hellnotes]

Sixteen gloriously imaginative and seasonally entertaining stories, are spread over 160 supernaturally tense and mind bending short stories by author Daniel Hale from Spooksville, Ohio. I have never been to Ohio personally but it seems to have a lot of spooky attractions, and now it has a famous spooky son in Daniel Hale too.


John Carpenter Quotes Brainy QuoteJohn Carpenter Quotes [Brainy Quote]


The Golden Glove Views Loneliness Through the Lens of a Serial Killer ConsequenceThe Golden Glove Views Loneliness Through the Lens of a Serial Killer [Consequence]

Tough and gruesome, Fatih Akin's psychological thriller isn't for everyone.


The Prowler 1981 Movie Review Shadows B Movie GraveyardThe Prowler (1981) Movie Review [Shadow’s B-Movie Graveyard]

It will freeze your blood.


Getting Out The Vote Homepage of the DeadGetting Out The Vote [Homepage of the Dead]

Rebecca Morris was up early; it was only a short walk to her destination, and she actually kind of enjoyed being up and out in the chilly, pre-dawn hours of autumn.


Cartoon Hullabaloo GabCartoon Hullabaloo [Gab]

Cartoon Hullabaloo is an indie Animation production studio using old school traditional techniques to make fun entertainment for kids of all ages. Clients include Wildbrain Entertainment, Animax Entertainment, Disney, Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon.

Currently developing our 2d traditional animated cartoon "Monstrous Manor". Influenced by old school horror, B-movies, classic cartoons, Monster Cereals & more!


Shock Value Legacy Anthology Review Taliesin meets the VampiresShock Value Legacy Anthology – Review [Taliesin meets the Vampires]

Hellbound media presents a collection of terrifying tales that find their inspiration in the very origins of the horror genre. We look back to the stories and films that introduced the world to a coterie of classic monsters, and explore the legacy of fear they left behind. Each of the stories in the collection features a contemporary twist on the Gothic past, promising to continue the nightmares for centuries to come.


Night Train To Terror Vinegar Syndrome Blu ray Review The Manchester MorgueNight Train To Terror - Vinegar Syndrome Blu-ray Review [The Manchester Morgue]

As I'm trying to get this site back up to speed, I was looking at some of my old unpublished drafts and I realized I had never actually posted my review of this one despite the fact that it was mostly finished. Which is a shame because this movie rules. And since this movie is included in their sale, it'll currently only cost you $12.50 now through the 26th. So here you go, 4-years later.


Favorite Artists Tony Sandoval Trixies TreatsFavorite Artists, Tony Sandoval [Trixie’s Treats]


The Angry Black Girl and Her Monster 2023 Movie Review Horror FlicksThe Angry Black Girl and Her Monster (2023) Movie Review [Horror Flicks]

This creature has life! But what kind?


New Saw Board Game on Kickstarter Do You Want to Play a Game Horror FixNew Saw Board Game on Kickstarter, Do You Want to Play a Game [Horror Fix]

From Iconiq Studios, Lionsgate, and Twisted Pictures comes a new trap-building fight for survival with SAW: The Jigsaw Trials.


9 Facts About The Devils Rejects You May Not Know Horror Geek Life9 Facts About ‘The Devil’s Rejects’ You May Not Know [Horror Geek Life]

Now 14 years past its original release in theaters, The Devil’s Rejects is still considered to be among the very best of Rob Zombie’s work. Starring Sid Haig, Bill Moseley, and Sheri Moon Zombie, the visceral horror flick will soon get another sequel when 3 from Hell hits the big screen this fall. This will officially round out the Firefly family film trilogy, which first began in 2003 with House of 1000 Corpses.

Ahead of the release of 3 from Hell, let’s take a look back at the Fireflys’ second foray into the horror genre with nine killer facts you may not know about The Devil’s Rejects!


Happy Halloween Heres 18 Short Horror Films You Need To See 2023 edition Horror HabbitHappy Halloween, Here's 18 Short Horror Films You Need To See (2023 edition) [Horror Habbit]

Happy Halloween everyone!! Here is 18 brilliant short horror films to spook up your day.


Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde 1920 Full Movie Public Domain TorrentsDr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (1920) Full Movie [Public Domain Torrents]

A doctor's research into the roots of evil turns him into a hideous depraved fiend.

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