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Winter Survival Horror Title ‘Expedition Zero’ Available Now, Launch Trailer Released [Video]

Those of you waiting on the release of Enigmatic Machines’ winter Survival Horror game Expedition Zero can rest easy (or not), as the game is out now on PC. Coinciding with the release of Expedition Zero is the new launch trailer, which debuted at the Future Game Show. 

‘Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed’ Looks to Make Multiplayer Busting Feel Good [Preview]

Before getting into the action though, Illfonic is out to make you feel the Ghostbusters experience. The game’s hub is the iconic fire station HQ, and you can wander around it with friends, practice your skills, and chat with the likes of Winston and Ray about the spooky goings-on around the world. When you’re ready to tool up, the loading screen sees Ecto-1 barreling towards your next destination. By handing the player their own unique Ghostbuster, IllFonic makes it a more personal experience than if it were just the usual faces again.

‘Midnight Ghost Hunt’ Launches March 31 on PC, New Trailer Released [Watch]

While Illfonic’s Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed is still a ways off, Vaulted Sky Games’s Midnight Ghost Hunt has recently announced a March 31 launch date for PC. And on top of that, Midnight Ghost Hunt has had a new trailer debut at the Future Games Show.

‘Evil Dead: The Game’ Single Player Missions Relive Classic Scenes and Lore! [Video]

Developers Saber Interactive have provided us with a new look at the upcoming Evil Dead: The Game this week, giving us our first taste at the game’s single-player missions.

Mystery Hour #1

The Bizarchives: Weird Tales of Monsters, Magic, and Machines

The Bizarchives is a book series that brings fresh, new works of pulp fiction to the public, and over time we will be unearthing some of the classics which shaped the genre. To learn more about the genre, see our section on Pulp Fiction.

We feature stories by amateur authors from the US, the UK, and elsewhere. We are, in a sense, re-democratizing the art of fiction writing itself.

In a time when classic motifs and subcultures seem to have been co-opted and subsequently corrupted by elites who have lost touch with the spirit of what made our stories so compelling in the first place, it is upon us to pick up the torch, light it with the fire of our forebears, and carry on into the fog of the unknown.

The Bizarchives is a publication of the Midgard Institute, a center for Science Fiction & Fantasy Literature. In collaboration with Midgard, The Bizarchives is striving to keep these arts alive for future generations, adding to the immeasurable wealth that is English Literature.

Aspiring writers are encouraged to visit Midgard’s School for Scribes for general writing tips and ongoing instruction in English syntax. 

Vincent Grimmly’s Night Chills Theatre

Is he a ghoul? Is he a vampire? No one knows. And don't ask him, he has no clue what the hell he is either.

All we know is that he's lived in his ancestral gothic castle in the desert outskirts of Transylvegas, Nevada for centuries.

And he has a talking raven sidekick named Phydeaux (pronounced Fido) who seems to be much smarter than he is, and not as accident-prone.

His alter-ego was a former voice actor, screenwriter, and Emmy-winning sound editor in Hollywood for over a decade. 

Monster Madhouse: The most action-packed, craziest monster horror movie TV show in the world!!

15 YEARS running nonstop on television and the web! Since 2006, Monster Madhouse has been on the cutting edge of TV, web and LIVE horror host shows, setting new levels of obnoxious, screamy MONSTER COMEDY and ROCK MUSIC. A three-time TELLY AWARD WINNING series that’s reached over 60,000 TV broadcasts & over 600 shows — we are still rolling and in-production! A mix of classic Hosted Monster & sci-fi movies, music videos, celebrity interviews and special guests…coverage of Conventions & Concerts, TOY & collectible segments and TONS of FUN, laughs and entertainment for the whole family!

You can see us in the DC and VA area on VERIZON-COX Channel 10, Nashville TN on WRTN, BUFFALO New York WBXZ TV, Streaming online at . Also on ROKU and AMAZON FIRE 

20 Best Sci-Fi Horror Movies (That Blend The Genres Perfectly)

The best sci-fi horror movies aren't always the most expensive ones or the most well-known, some were even once considered flops. But things change...

THE list

THE list – Parts 1 through 4

Mystery Hour #2

What Truly Was the First “Slasher Film”?

Horror movie geeks, by and large, tend to possess at least some degree of fondness for the slasher genre. You can’t deny the likes of Halloween or A Nightmare on Elm Street, nor the lasting psychological impact they had on a generation of 1970s and 1980s moviegoers. Even today we’re awash in sequels to some of these franchises—there are, after all, still two more upcoming Halloween films, more than 40 years after John Carpenter unleashed the definitive American slasher on unsuspecting audiences. The idea of this genre has proven as unkillable as its most famous villains, even after periods of dormancy and reinvention. Somehow, the slasher film always returns.

The Watcher

Carnival of Souls

Mary Henry ends up the sole survivor of a fatal car accident through mysterious circumstances. Trying to put the incident behind her, she moves to Utah and takes a job as a church organist. But her fresh start is interrupted by visions of a fiendish man. As the visions begin to occur more frequently, Mary finds herself drawn to the deserted carnival on the outskirts of town. The strangely alluring carnival may hold the secret to her tragic past.


Take a break from all the blood and guts in the real world and join me for all the blood and guts in the world of horror fiction every Saturday at 6pm ET for a 6 hour horror podcast only on Odysee. 


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