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Episode #20

Saturday, May 14, 2022 at 6pm ET only on Odysee

‘You’re born an egotistical sociopath’: The Innocents, the child-horror that leaves audiences shaking

There’s no gore and little violence, so why does Eskil Vogt’s film about children with special powers provoke such strong reactions? He says it’s because the cruelty exhibited is uncomfortably relatable

‘They/Them’ First Look: Blumhouse to Debut Kevin Bacon’s Gay Conversion Horror Film on Peacock

A new horror film about the terrors of conversion therapy is coming to Peacock. “They/Them,” a horror film produced by venerable production studio Blumhouse and starring Kevin Bacon, will be hitting the streamer Aug. 5.

Psychological horror film Monstrous is deadly...dull

Christina Ricci in Monstrous.

It seems vastly unfair to impute the onscreen creative failings of a movie to something as arguably innocuous as its credits, and perhaps in most cases that’s true. But in the instance of Monstrous, which tallies 41 (yes, 41!) executive producers (not counting four producers and seven other co-producers), the shoe seems to fit.

When Motherhood Is a Horror Show

For the onscreen moms in “The Baby,” “Umma” and “Lamb” — and for an ascendant class of sardonic mom influencers — the source of psychological torture is motherhood itself.

The Truck Stop – Part 2 by Robert Van Dusen [Segment 4 of 4]

My ongoing series of Choose Your Own Adventure stories set in the universe of my Get Out Alive series. A California Highway Patrol officer follows a suspicious semi to an isolated truck stop in the middle of the Mojave Desert. Shenanigans ensue when the coyotes' cargo of roughly a hundred and fifty illegals turns into about seventy-five or so zombies.

More From Robert Van Ducen:

Outbreak: Boston

Fresh back from a deployment to Iraq, Senior Airman Amy Frays is sent to Boston with her Air Force Reserve section to quell rioting in the city. However, by the time they arrive, the mission has changed: Quarantine.

Outbreak: Brave New World

Having barely escaped the hordes of walking corpses in Boston, Senior Airman Amy Frays and her fellow survivors find shelter in her parents' cabin in the woods. However, they soon discover that the dead aren't the only thing they have to fear...

Outbreak: Long Road Back

Forward Operating Base Freedom seems like an oasis in the rapidly crumbling Eastern United States. It has everything one might want: food, water, medical care, high walls...though this much safety comes at a cost. How much would you be willing to put up with?

Get Out Alive

Grace Wilson can't remember how she ended up locked in the janitor's closet.

Things go from bad to worse when she finds out she isn't alone in the seemingly abandoned hospital...

Get Out Alive: Run For Your Life

It was supposed to be a rescue.

When their helicopter is shot down in hostile territory, Captain Grace Wilson finds herself trapped between shadowy government agents, a hostile militia led by a homicidal lunatic and shambling hordes of the dead...

The Night Shift

Deputy County Sheriff Molly Cooper works the night shift patrolling the highways and back roads of Mason Creek, Wisconsin. When an unspeakable crime shatters the peace of the sleepy little burg, she discovers that she isn't the only thing that goes bump in the night...

An Uncommon Burglar

Sarah Walker, a high-end cat burglar, and Chester Cobblepot, a wizard's apprentice, find themselves caught up in the intrigues of bloodthirsty criminals, scheming nobles and a powerful necromancer when Sarah filches a book from a wizard's library.

The following is a selection from the Blogs section of my Minds channel. These are free to the public, though donations are welcome.

The Truck Stop

My ongoing series of Choose Your Own Adventure stories set in the universe of my Get Out Alive series. A California Highway Patrol officer follows a suspicious semi to an isolated truck stop in the middle of the Mojave Desert. Shenanigans ensue when the coyotes' cargo of roughly a hundred and fifty illegals turns into about seventy-five or so zombies.

A Ghost's Story

A Horror/Comedy told from the perspective of a ghost when a rather obnoxious group of ghost hunters show up to his house uninvited.

Could Be Worse

Set in the same universe as my Get Out Alive series, a company of Military Police dig in at an RV park when their vehicles run out of gas.

The Wild Men of No Man's Land

A group of university students on holiday in France in the aftermath of The Great War decide to poke around the trenches on a drunken dare after spending the night telling ghost stories. Shenanigans ensue. Fun Fact: it's based on stories told by soldiers who fought in World War One.

A Nice Place To Raise A Family

Set in the universe of my Outbreak series, a pair of small town cops get more than they bargained for when they do a welfare check on a local family.

The Caper

A short story I wrote for an online contest. A pair of hoods get the brilliant idea to stick up an illegal gambling hall. Things...don't exactly go to plan. Not that such actions would usually be conducive to a long and healthy life, if you know what I mean, and I think you do.

Silent Hill Leaker Hit With DMCA Takedowns for Uploaded Images

The Silent Hill rumor fires have been stoked once more, as a leaker gets a copyright strike after posting images from an alleged upcoming game.

WildBrain’s ‘Lake Erie’ Breaks New Ground in Family-Friendly Horror

Writer/director John Vassallo and studio SVP, Creative Logan McPherson talk about their award-winning 2D animated short film, a ghostly tale of a boy who loses his dog and must face terrifying forces to get her back.

The Best Horror Movies on Prime Video

Prepare for the creepiest movies Prime Video has to offer.

Why can't we decide whether Doctor Strange is horror?

Though the film was pitched as Marvel's 1st horror, not everyone is sure it fits the uniquely diverse genre.

Three foreign horror movies coming out in May 2022

Are you looking for some scares outside of American Cinema? This is your lucky month! May brings you a variety of foreign horror films to satisfy all your horror needs.

From gruesome to chilling, these movies will entertain while subtly broadening your film palette. Without further ado, here are some exciting horror releases from Taiwan, Norway, and the UK.

Every Horror Movie Releasing In 2023

Scream 6! Nicholas Cage's Dracula! An Exorcist sequel! Quiet Place spinoff! Stephen King's Boogeyman! 2023's horror lineup has something for everyone.

List Of 5 Best Horror Movies Coming in 2022

Keep yourself busy watching these great horror movies this year.

10 Great Horror Movie Monsters Nobody Talks About

From Korean horror demons to an army of evil dolls, here are some of the best niche monster movies people should be talking about.

The Ghoul (1933)

From the Depths of the Earth, He Will Rise.

Professor Morlant, a British Egyptologist, seeks immortality through the power of a jewel buried in the tomb of an Oriental idol. Upon his death, Morlant returns to earth to seek vengeance upon those who removed the jewel from his grave.



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