Episode #32

Originally aired on August 27, 2022.


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Weirdness Really Bad Movie

If you grew up in Northeast Ohio chances is you tuned in to Ghoulardi, Hoolihan and Big Chuck, or Big Chuck and Lil' John. Presenting some really bad movies they not only made them tolerable - but made us tune in to them every Friday night, and then later Saturday nights. These shows were made great because of the comedy sketches that interrupted the movies. We would splash our faces with water or run around the room just to keep awake so we could keep awake for the pajama party after the movie.

Big Chuck left the movie hosting duties a few years back and I got to missing the fun that they gave us every week, so I got some friends together to make some of our own fun and squeeze our sketches into public domain movies. We don't have the time to do this every week but we are able together one show a month. We will also stream some of our shows here as well and share some of our sketches here with you.


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The 50 Best Horror Movies of the 1980s Ranked

If there's one thing we can thank the 1980s for, it's being home to some of the best (and wildest) horror movies ever made.

50. C.H.U.D.

49. Basket Case

48. Night of the Comet

47. Killer Klowns from Outer Space

46. Child's Play

45. Prince of Darkness

44. The Blob

43. The Stuff

42. Hellraiser

41. The Funhouse

40. The Fog

39. Phenomena

38. Children of the Corn

37. Dolls

36. The Entity

35. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2

34. Motel Hell

33. Halloween III: Season of the Witch

32. Of Unknown Origin

31. Maniac

30. The Serpent and the Rainbow

29. Friday the 13th: The Next Chapter

28. Wolfen

27. The Changeling

26. Lifeforce




Happily married author, but not quitting my day job anytime soon!


David Guenther

David Guenther, a Dragon Awards Finalist author, is a proud retired air force senior non-commissioned officer of over twenty one years. He draws from the experience of being deployed or stationed in over two dozen countries when stealing or creating characters for his novels. When writing science fiction he often injects veterans and retirees into his stories, especially the series Gray Panthers that is dedicated to both. His last series Infected World Trilogy, follows active duty members as they fight zombies and alien invaders. When not writing or providing technical support, he can be found in the Arizona desert target shooting a variety of classic military firearms.


Wily Writers – Dark Fiction Mastermind

This site provides a haven and point of connection for dark fiction writers. It holds open a space where wordsmiths can raise the vibration of their work, increase book sales, spread name recognition, earn reader respect, and lift the bar on product quality.


Revealing Celebration – Sexiest Underwear Moments in Horror

It was National Underwear Day on August 5th and so to celebrate this most revealing of celebrations, we’ll be pulling the elastic on your pants and showing off some of our most favorite scenes in Horror. They are cheeky, their sexy and their little moments of levity in the horror film we know and love. Here are Revealing Celebration – Sexiest Underwear Moment in Horror.



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10 Funniest Horror Villains

It’s weird how well horror and comedy go together. True horror fans get a gleeful joy watching their favorite villains in action, and that gleeful joy gets even stronger when those villains are seen having a good time themselves.

Because of this, there are a whole host of villains that are just as hilarious as they are frightening. To those unaccustomed with horror, it might seem bizarre to want to watch terrifying killers that also make you laugh, but those are also some of the most memorable.


Cry Little Sister

"Cry Little Sister" is a song written by Gerard McMahon (under the pseudonym Gerard McMann) and Michael Mainieri, and performed by McMahon for the soundtrack to the 1987 film The Lost Boys, which peaked at number 15 on the Billboard 200. The original song failed to chart, although it charted in Australia and the United Kingdom in 2003 when the track was remixed.

The track has been covered by several other bands. Aiden recorded a cover for the soundtrack to the 2008 sequel, Lost Boys: The Tribe and appeared again in the closing credits of Lost Boys: The Thirst. In 2010, Seasons After scored a top twenty hit on Billboard's Mainstream Rock Songs with their version of the track, after it was included on their 2010 album Through Tomorrow. Eight years later, Marilyn Manson released their version of the song as a single after it was featured in a promotional trailer for television series Titans.


WRF Studios

Over 30 years of entertainment software experience... Starting with the Last Half of Darkness Series and branching out into dungeon crawlers such as Bloodlust, Vampirem and the newest game... Earth's Shadow.


THIS DAY IN HALLOWEEN – A Daily History of Horror


The Black Cat

The Black Cat [v1 #1, #1, October 1895] (The Shortstory Publishing Co., 5c, 50pp+, standard, cover by Nelly Littlehale Umbstaetter) Details supplied by Richard Fidczuk.


Top 30 Film & TV Halloween Title Sequences to Inspire Creatives

Title sequences are a massively important part of a film or TV show; they can help set the tone, style, and themes of your film or even help with your narrative. The horror genre includes some of the most iconic opening titles, so we’ve compiled a list of our favorite 30 Film & TV Halloween sequences to inspire your next scary project.


Evil Dead Rise Getting a Theatrical Release in April 2023

The Evil Dead franchise is back to life not only with Evil Dead: The Game, now available, but also with new movie Evil Dead Rise, which is now set to debut in theaters early next year.


Atom Age Vampire (1960) – Full Movie

You'll gasp with Horror...

When a singer (Susanne Loret) is horribly disfigured in a car accident, a scientist (Alberto Lupo) develops a treatment which can restore her beauty by injecting her with a special serum. While performing the procedure, however, he falls in love with her. As the treatment begins to fail, he determines to save her appearance, regardless of how many women he must kill for her sake.


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