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Originally aired on Saturday, September 3, 2022.


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Minds’ BasilBasedPesto


Creepy Catalog’s 30+ Summer Horror Movies To Keep You Screaming All Season Long

It’s the summer of 2022 and you need to watch something scary.

Summer horror movies are critical for a good summer.

Because who says summer fun has to be all about hanging out on the beach and making s’mores? Just because Halloween season is still half a year away doesn’t mean horror fans have to wait to indulge in their favorite genre. In fact, the summer season can be just as creepy as autumn—just take a look at all the scary movies that turn the summertime nostalgia for camping, road trips, and luxury vacations and turn them into your very worst nightmare.

Friday the 13th (1980) is probably the most iconic summer horror movie.

Don’t believe me? These summer horror movies will make even the sunniest of days feel like spooky season.


Horror Author Erik Handy

Erik Handy grew up on a steady diet of professional wrestling, bad horror movies that went straight to video, and comic books. There were also a lot of video games thrown in the mix. He currently absorbs silence and coffee.

Buy his books. Spread the word. Thanks.


Tales of Terror

Gamified horror movie reviews, ratings, watchlists and analysis


Odysee’s Vampirschi Gaming

Vampirschi Gaming is a husband and wife gaming channel.

We enjoy playing games together and want to share the experience with everybody.

The channel is going to have gameplays, walkthroughs, first impressions, playthroughs, weapon and character builds, gaming top lists and much more. We UPLOAD every day !!!

Enjoy !


Tilt’s Ranking of the ‘Creepshow 1’ and ‘2’ Segments

1982’s Creepshow is a brilliant anthology of horror shorts written by horror legend Stephen King, and directed by horror legend George A. Romero. It’s a team-up that feels so perfect, with King’s iconic ability to mold an interesting and unique tale from anything, and Romero’s stellar direction. A sequel eventually followed in 1987, not funded anywhere near as well, but it still puts forward some great shorts. Overarching all this is this highly stylized comic book theme, with the stories jumping straight from a fictional comic series (which turned into one real issue), putting all the camp and terror together in a neat little package.

More Creepshow sequels were made, but without any input or creative contribution from King, Romero, or anyone else who worked on the first two, and they’e not really worth your time. So, forgetting about the unfortunate third installment, here is a ranking the segments from the first two (including the prologue/epilogue stories) in celebration of the new Creepshow series.


RBD Interactive

We like to make Horror games to the best of our ability!


Indie Horror Films Review of Safe House 1618

There is no question the three Holt sisters are badass, possibly the most I have seen since the trio in House of Bad (2013). They are on a mission for revenge, which is how we are introduced to them in the prologue. Even with full masks and not speaking for this part, you start to get a feel for their personalities which are sure to come up though the story.


Rumble’s BearJonesActual


Hellnotes’ Book Review of An Unheavenly Host

This is the fourth collection of horror and ghost stories by British author CE Ward. The previous three collections (also published by the excellent small imprint Sarob Press) are now out of print, and I strongly advise you to secure a copy of the present book before that becomes unavailable as well. If you’re a lover of elegantly written, subtly disquieting dark fiction, you would not want to miss this delightful collection presented in a beautiful produced volume.


Creepy Catalog’s 18+ Best Claustrophobic Movies

You don’t have to be buried alive to feel the oppressive confinement of these horrifyingly claustrophobic movies.

It’s that feeling you get when you even think about a confined space. All you want to do is break free, and yet you’re stuck. That claustrophobic feeling is all-encompassing — a horror truly of its own. Sometimes it’s not even a literal confined space, but instead an intense feeling of being trapped in a situation.

It’s the creeping feeling of being confined that makes movies like 1408 feel so oppressive.

For movies that make you feel claustrophobic, it isn’t just about being buried alive or stuck in a cave. Even a small town can feel claustrophobic if the characters can’t leave. If you’re in the mood to feel stuck, closed-off, confined, check out our list of the best claustrophobic movies. There are classic horror films like The Descent (2006) and 1408 (2007), along with genre-benders like The Lighthouse (2019) and The Abyss (1989).


Haunted MTL’s Game Review of The Bridge Curse, Road to Salvation

My expectations for indie horror games are usually fairly low. Especially ones based off of movies that, to be honest, didn’t leave me impressed.

You follow six students involved in a club that’s desperate to beat a rival university in a popularity contest. And their gambit to do this is to livestream a ritual that reputedly summons the ghost of a vengeful woman. An event that supposedly happened at the location the game takes place in — the prestigious Tunghai University.


Saatchi Art’s Valery Slauk

Valery Slauk is a contemporary Belarusian artist and an honored artist of the Republic of Belarus. He works in book art and easel graphics. He mainly works using the etching technique. Slavic mythology is one of the main themes of Valery Slauk's work. The amazing worlds that he creates exist at the boundary between his literary source material and his limitless imagination. The artist manages to maintain a balance between convincingly recreated reality and fiction. He creates unique compositions that are brimming with a variety of fantastic creatures from folklore that form a unified whole. Soft tonal transitions along with the artist's use of clear lines create volumetric shapes that are fully drawn down to the smallest details. They are interwoven to form intricate ornate letters, which combine to form the images of Ovinniks, Shatans, and Zhytsens. The artist's large format etchings, which are extremely complex in their compositional structure, form a kind of mythological treatise that is set down in visual language. Exact scaling of figures and complex gradations between the different areas in the drawing make it possible to juxtapose numerous figures of flying people, dinosaurs, giant caterpillars, and cats on a single sheet of paper. The artist's depiction of such a surreal and sometimes futuristic world using a virtuoso technique produces a strong impression. Valery Slauk is rightfully considered one of the most important graphic artists in modern Belarus.


Wake of Corrosion Podcast



...to an indie audio drama set in a nightmare ridden, apocalyptic world. Follow the story of two brothers, as they experience the wake of corrosion.


Odysee’s Comic Mag Musings

Hello and welcome to my channel, Comic Mag Musings. My name is Bill and I am a comic book collector, a voracious comic book reader, and a comic book enthusiast. I have been reading comic books since the late seventies. That was when I first discovered all of the magic that Bill Mantlo and Michael Golden managed to pack into the tiny world of the Micronauts. I read all types of comics, including many non-superhero books. This channel will be an eclectic mix of comic book "show-and-tell" features from collections, auctions, and comic book shops. I will also do auction unboxings and CGC unboxings. I'll mix in comic book reviews and some comic book-related discussions. I'm open to exploring all aspects of the comic universe. Please join me in a great big cosmic hug as we embrace our fellow comic book enthusiasts and support one another's passion for collecting.


The Storyteller’s The Last Laugh

Dear Reader,

I’ve had this imagery in my head since 2010, but I was never quite sure how to write it or what it would even be about. The working title was “Visceral” and it originated with a slightly different premise. However, I like this new version much better. I attribute the creation of this story to Simon K Jones for motivating me to be less afraid about publishing ideas, and Anthony Lora for his quality flash fiction which inspired me sit down to write this piece.


The Phantom Planet (1961) – Full Movie

After an asteroid draws an astronaut and his ship to its surface, he is miniaturized by the phantom planet's exotic atmosphere.


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