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Simply put, if your business is small and your product is horror, you can get on the podcast by clicking here. For those that want a more long winded explanation, please continue reading.

Firstly, thank you for your interest in getting on THE HORROR STREAM LIVE podcast.

Secondly...yes. Yes you can be on the podcast. There really aren't many requirements but I'll list them anyway.

  1. lateYou need to small. Medium and large businesses are welcome on the podcast but there will be fees for them and we haven't worked that out yet, so for now, you need to be small.
    • What's small? If you say you're small, you're small. No proof required.
  2. The content you're promoting needs to be horror content. This is THE HORROR STREAM LIVE after all.
    • What is considered horror content? If you say it's horror content, it's horror content. You are the best judge of that so we'll be taking your word for it.
  3. What type of content do we promote? long as it's horror...and legal...and fictional...and not pornographic.
    • We will promote the usual suspects like movies, series and books but we're happy to promote just about anything.
    • Did you just make a horror group on Facebook? We'll promote it.
    • Are you selling copies of your Michael Myers drawing? We'll promote it.
    • Do you sell Child's Play stickers on Etsy? We'll promote it.
    • Do you carve Jason masks out of wood? We'll promote it.
    • Do you download horror memes and upload them to your website? We'll promote it.
    • Do you have a cool social media account where you share tons of great horror content? We'll promote it.
    • The sky's the limit. You're not too small to get on the podcast. We'll be happy to promote just about anything.

Now for the good stuff. What specifically are we looking for right now? What are we gonna get excited about?

book2Firstly, 30 second video advertisements for your product. This is easy. We have space for 80 minutes worth of commercial space per episode. That's a lot of commercials. better tell your friends because there's lots of free advertisement space available!

Secondly, interviews. I have 16X10 minute segments (160 minutes total) to fill each week and interviews fill them up quite nicely. Get dressed, get awesome, get on the podcast!

magazine2We want to create a segment called "Chapter One". In this segment the first chapter of the book you're promoting will be read.

We also want to create a segment called "The First Four Pages". In this segment we will drool over the first 4 pages of the comicbook or magazine you're promoting.

Lastly, WE DON'T KNOW. You're the artist. You're the expert. Get creative and come up with something unique. Something that will WOW the world! Something that will make your product fly off the shelves.

Now...are you ready to get on the podcast? Click here and let's get you booked.

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