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Tilt’s Ranking of the ‘Creepshow 1’ and ‘2’ Segments

1982’s Creepshow is a brilliant anthology of horror shorts written by horror legend Stephen King, and directed by horror legend George A. Romero. It’s a team-up that feels so perfect, with King’s iconic ability to mold an interesting and unique tale from anything, and Romero’s stellar direction. A sequel eventually followed in 1987, not funded anywhere near as well, but it still puts forward some great shorts. Overarching all this is this highly stylized comic book theme, with the stories jumping straight from a fictional comic series (which turned into one real issue), putting all the camp and terror together in a neat little package.

More Creepshow sequels were made, but without any input or creative contribution from King, Romero, or anyone else who worked on the first two, and they’e not really worth your time. So, forgetting about the unfortunate third installment, here is a ranking the segments from the first two (including the prologue/epilogue stories) in celebration of the new Creepshow series.

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