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Creepy Catalog’s 18+ Best Claustrophobic Movies

You don’t have to be buried alive to feel the oppressive confinement of these horrifyingly claustrophobic movies.

It’s that feeling you get when you even think about a confined space. All you want to do is break free, and yet you’re stuck. That claustrophobic feeling is all-encompassing — a horror truly of its own. Sometimes it’s not even a literal confined space, but instead an intense feeling of being trapped in a situation.

It’s the creeping feeling of being confined that makes movies like 1408 feel so oppressive.

For movies that make you feel claustrophobic, it isn’t just about being buried alive or stuck in a cave. Even a small town can feel claustrophobic if the characters can’t leave. If you’re in the mood to feel stuck, closed-off, confined, check out our list of the best claustrophobic movies. There are classic horror films like The Descent (2006) and 1408 (2007), along with genre-benders like The Lighthouse (2019) and The Abyss (1989).

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