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VHS Franchise – Ranking all 20 Segments and 4 Films [Grimoire of Horror]

When looking at the found footage genre, there are many titles that people say were influential in bringing them into the fandom. Often, people point to films like The Blair Witch Project or Paranormal Activity, both of which became a sort of cultural phenomenon. Personally, where my love of the genre started was in the first V/H/S film, a production that felt exploitative, almost perverse, in its approach of peaking in on someone’s suffering through the lens of grainy VHS footage.

Now, a decade removed from the initial film, and with V/H/S/94 proving to be Shudder’s most in-demand title in the history of the platform, there are four films which have come to define the highs and lows of the anthology series. As such, I decided it was time to look back on all four films and really dig in to determine what my favorite shorts and series were – entries overdue for a revisit to make such claims.

Note: This is all my own personal opinion and while I am confident in my choices and final order, it is still a matter of preference. As a fan of the series, I believe all the shorts have legit reasons for people to pick them as their own personal favorites. Also, I am aware of another V/H/S project which exists online, but given the different format, I decided to skip including that particular ‘entry’ in the franchise as invalid for rating all the films.

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