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The Arty Dans [Odysee]

Hello Odysee!!!

The Arty Dans is back! Back to what is best - those crazy schlocky movie reviews!

More Insane Japanese z-grade movies

More Chinese monster flicks

More secret Asian horror flicks

More BAD Chinese horror movies

..and maybe the odd Asian blockbuster.. you know, for fun.

If its insane, crazy, or maybe even a blockbuster or two, I am going to cover it!

RELEASE SCHEDULE (Australia/Japan/China timezone)

MON - SUN: Movie Reviews

2021 SUN: (alternating) Monster Movie Mayhem (March-November)

2021 SUN: (alternating) Chinese Horror Movie Reviews! (March-November)

EVERY SECOND MONDAY: The Monday Night Asian Movie Talk Show LIVE (livestream) - check schedule

Full Movies will be released random times. I have the rights alongside our partners Guangdong LeYa Studios to FULL LENGTH movies and they will be shown here

The Arty Dans is part of the Asian Film Fans network of Channels.

Thank you for your support

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