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James Balsamo [Official Website]

A New Yorker all his life, James followed his instincts and set out to Los Angeles, California, to grow his business and abilities in filmmaking. It was here that he settled in and solidified his voice as a writer and director. Now some 30 feature films later, James has worked with incredible industry talents like Rob Halford, Tommy Chong, Doug Bradley, Andy Dick, Tom Arnold, The Amazing Kreskin, and Eric Roberts.

Growing up, James had an affinity for 80's Horror films. Everything with great gags, babes, and creatures ignited his imagination.

Attending conventions and comic book stores most of his life helped develop his vision for making his movies in the future.

Working as a songwriter, actor, and sculptor, he began shooting his first feature film, "Hack Job," at 19 years old. This film was picked up for world distribution, and Acidbath Productions was born.

We all know James still has many surprises up his bloodied sleeves, and we can't wait to see what's next. Stay tuned!

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