Odysee’s Comic Mag Musings

Hello and welcome to my channel, Comic Mag Musings. My name is Bill and I am a comic book collector, a voracious comic book reader, and a comic book enthusiast. I have been reading comic books since the late seventies. That was when I first discovered all of the magic that Bill Mantlo and Michael Golden managed to pack into the tiny world of the Micronauts. I read all types of comics, including many non-superhero books. This channel will be an eclectic mix of comic book "show-and-tell" features from collections, auctions, and comic book shops. I will also do auction unboxings and CGC unboxings. I'll mix in comic book reviews and some comic book-related discussions. I'm open to exploring all aspects of the comic universe. Please join me in a great big cosmic hug as we embrace our fellow comic book enthusiasts and support one another's passion for collecting.


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