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Attack from Planet B
Bad Movies
Basement Sublet of Horror, The
Bedlam Files, The
Beware Theater
Big Things with Small Wings
Bikini Zombie Warrior
Bittersweet Brushes
Bizarchives, The
Bleeding Skull
Bloody Cuts
Bloody Disgusting
Bloody Mary Makeup
Bram Stoker Awards, The
Brian’s Drive-In Theater
British Horror Films
British Horror Revival
Cinema Insomnia
Classic Horror Film Board, The
Classic Horror Shop
Classic Monsters
Clive Barker
Clive Barker Arhive
Comic Book Plus
Creature Features
Creepy Catalog
Creepy Classics
Cuddly Criptids
Daily Dead
Daily Strange
Dapper Cadaver
Dead End Follies
Dead Talk News
Deadly Doll's House of Horror Nonsense, The
Dick Smith Make-Up
Distortions Unlimited
Downright Creepy
Dread Central
DVD Drive-In
Eat My Brains
EBA Performance Makeup
Fab Press
Final Girl Rocks
Flesh Farm, The
Four Sides of Cross
Fright Bytes
Ghost Stories
Ghoulish Productions
Giallo Fever
Ginger Nuts of Horror
Girls and Corpses
Gore 4
Gore Galore
Gory Cory
Graveyard Offerings
Grimore of Horror
Grindhouse Video
Gruesome Magazine
Halloween Costumes
Halloween Every Night
Halloween Shindig
Haunted Mtl
Hell Horror
Higgy Pop
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Horror Club, The
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Horror Fix
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Horror Homeroom
Horror Hotel
Horror Hound
Horror Land
Horror Movie A Day
Horror Movie Maven
Horror Movie Web
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Horror News Network
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Horror Society
Horror Vein
Horror Writers Association
Horrors Unlimited
Immortal Masks
In Flames
Indie Horror Films
Island Of The Dolls, The
James Balsamo
Japanese Horror Stories
Jekyll’s Basement
JoBlo Horror
JP’s Horror Collection
Joshua Offline
Kitley’s Krypt
Late Late Horror Show, The
Latin Horror
Lazarus’ Lair
Lemax Spooky Town
Nerve Wrackin’ Theatre
Live Kreepy
Love Horror
Mani-Yack Monsters
Master of the Macabre
Modern Horrors
Monsters After Midnight
Moon Mausoleum
Morbidly Beautiful
Moria Reviews
Movies and Mania
Mystery and Horror LLC
Neo Trash Video
Night Face
Nightmare Nook Horror Blog, The
Nightmare Nostalgia
November Fire
Oak Drive-In, The
Odysee Spooky$/spooky
Off Screen
Old Style Tales
Pulp Factory
Pulp, The
Puzzle Box Horror
RA for All Horror
Rabbit in Red
RBD Interactive
Really Awful Movies
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Rue Morgue
Salem Witch Museum
Saturn Awards, The
Savage Cinema
Scare Street
Scare Tissue
Scariest Things, The
Scream Factory
Sex Gore Mutants
Shane Douberly Illustration
Shock Cinema Magazine
Slashing Through
Sound of Vincent Price, The
Staying Scared
Studio Aegis
Superghoul, The
Tales of Terror
Terror Trap, The
Too Much Horror Fiction
Trick or Treat Studios
Upcoming Horror Movies
Night Chill Theatre
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Wily Writers
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Zombos’ Closet

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