Naked Dead Horror Movie Scenes [Horror Land]

As a species we have this weird fascination with both sex and death, which is prevalent in a large majority of horror films. We are vulnerable naked, and so to die in that state is a wretched way to go indeed. If you have ever wondered why there is so much flesh on show in horror films, well apart from the obvious titillation of audience members, it’s also because of the vulnerable position it puts us in. That’s some scary ass stuff right there.

As a genre, Horror already holds a certain expectation on the maturity of its audience, and it’s once we understand this, that the genre can be most rewarding with its careful (and sometimes pathetic) use of nudity to bring a different emotion to the table.

Zombie films push theses boundaries even further, with the stone-dead naked corpses now wandering around with their modesty and life, lost long ago. And that’s what we are looking at in this grisly article. When the dead rise, not all of them are coming up with their clothes on… But it’s up to the directors, producers and screenwriters on just how they handle this delicate element. so, here is our nasty little list, Naked Dead Horror Movie Scenes. Remember… The dead don’t always die in Dolce & Gabbana!

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