The best list of horror movies.
The thorough list of horror movies.
The top list of horror movies.
The definitive list of horror movies.
The full list of horror movies.
The impeccable list of horror movies.
The comprehensive list of horror movies.
The perfect list of horror movies.
The complete list of horror movies.
The greatest list of horror movies.
The detailed list of horror movies.
The finest list of horror movies.
The last list of horror movies.

THE list

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The Rules

  1. THE list is a list of horror movies. Some thrillers that are borderline horror were included. Misery (1990) and Se7en (1995) are a couple examples.
  2. The movies are from 1900 - 1999. I'm still considering whether or not to include movies from this century.
  3. THE list is truly global. All movies from all countries were considered.
  4. The movies must be fictional. Documentaries will NOT be included.
  5. Each year must include a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 10 movies.
  6. Only 1 movie per franchise and it must be the 1st in the franchise.
  7. No TV shows or podcast episodes, only movies. Shorts, movies made for TV and certain shorter series' with single overarching narratives are eligible. It (1990) is an example of a mini-series that made THE list.
  8. The criteria needed to remain fluid as the industry dramatically changed over the years but a combination of ratings, box office revenue, cultural impact, cult status and longevity was used. For most years, the most popular horror movies, movies that made more than $10-50 million dollars at the box office or had a rating of 7.0 with at least 100-1,000 votes made THE list.
  9. If you've found an error, let us know.


After months of trying and failing, I've finally finished THE list. It was extraordinarily tedious and extremely difficult but alas...I present to you THE list version Alpha.2024.1

Click here for the printable pdf.

The PNG image file:

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Year Prefix English Title Country Original Title
1900   Faust and Marguerite USA  
1901   Bluebeard France Barbe-Bleue
1902 The Devil’s Seven Castles France Les sept châteaux du diable
1903 The Infernal Cauldron France Le Chaudron infernal
1904 A Miracle Under the Inquisition France Un miracle sous l'inquisition
1905 The Black Imp France Le Diable noir
1906 The 400 Tricks of the Devil France Les quatre cents farces du diable
1906 The Haunted House France La maison ensorcelée
1907 The Doll’s Revenge UK  
1908   Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde USA  
1909   Traveller's Nightmare France Une excursion incohérente
1910   Frankenstein USA  
1910 The Picture of Dorian Gray Denmark Dorian Grays Portræt
1911   Dante’s Inferno Italy L'Inferno
1912 The Conquest of the Pole France À la conquête du pôle
1913 The Student of Prague Germany Der Student von Prag
1913   Suspense USA  
1914 The Avenging Conscience USA  
1914 The Golem Germany Der Golem
1914 The Hound of the Baskervilles Germany Der Hund von Baskerville
1915   After Death Russia Posle smerti
1915   Life Without Soul USA  
1916 The Queen of Spades Russia Pikovaya dama
1917   Satan's Rhapsody Italy Rapsodia satanica
1918 The Eyes of the Mummy Germany Die Augen der Mumie Ma
1919   Eerie Tales Germany Unheimliche Geschichten
1919   I Accuse France J'accuse
1919 The Plague in Florence Germany Die Pest in Florenz
1920 The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari Germany Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari
1920 The Penalty USA  
1921   Destiny Germany Der müde Tod
1921 The Phantom Carriage Sweden Körkarlen
1922   Häxan: Witchcraft Through the Ages Sweden Häxan
1922   Nosferatu Germany Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens
1923 The Hunchback of Notre Dame USA  
1924 The Hands of Orlac Austria Orlacs Hände
1924   Waxworks Germany Das Wachsfigurenkabinett
1925 The Phantom of the Opera USA  
1926 A Page of Madness Japan Kurutta ippêji
1927 The Cat and the Canary USA  
1927 The Hypnotist USA  
1927 The Lodger UK  
1927 The Unknown USA  
1928 The Fall of the House of Usher France La chute de la maison Usher
1928 The Man Who Laughs USA  
1929 An Andalusian Dog France Un chien andalou
1929 The Skeleton Dance USA  
1930 The Bat Whispers USA  
1930 The Cat Creeps USA  
1931   Dracula USA  
1931   M Germany M - Eine Stadt sucht einen Mörder
1932   Freaks USA  
1932   Island of Lost Souls USA  
1932 The Most Dangerous Game USA  
1932 The Mummy USA  
1932 The Old Dark House USA  
1932   Vampyr Germany Vampyr – Der Traum des Allan Gray
1932   White Zombie USA  
1933 The Invisible Man USA  
1933   King Kong USA  
1933 The Mystery of the Wax Museum USA  
1934 The Black Cat USA  
1934   Two Monks Mexico Dos monjes
1935 The Eternal Mask Austria Die ewige Maske
1935   Mad Love USA  
1936   Death of the Maiden Germany Fährmann Maria
1936 The Devil-Doll USA  
1936   Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street UK  
1937   SOS Coast Guard USA  
1938   I Accuse France J'accuse
1939   Every Madman to His Specialty Mexico Cada loco con su tema
1940 The Ghost Breakers USA  
1940 The Mad Monk Mexico El monje loco
1941   Behind the Mask USA  
1941   Hold That Ghost USA  
1941   Suspicion USA  
1941 The Wolf Man USA  
1942   Cat People USA  
1943 The Devil’s Hand France La main du diable
1943   I Walked With a Zombie USA  
1944 The Tower of the Seven Hunchbacks Spain La torre de los siete jorobados
1944 The Uninvited USA  
1945 The Ambassador of Hell Egypt Safeer gohannam
1945 The Body Snatcher USA  
1945   Dead of Night UK  
1946 The Spiral Staircase USA  
1947   Fireworks USA  
1948   They Caught the Ferry Denmark De nåede færgen
1949 The Legend of Sleepy Hollow USA  
1949 The Queen of Spades UK  
1950 The Faceless Man Mexico El hombre sin rostro
1950   I Am the Past Egypt Ana el-Madhi
1950   Satan’s Hand Philippines Kamay ni Satanas
1950 The Skeleton India Kankal
1951   Iron Claw Japan Tetsu no tsume
1951   Satur Philippines Satur
1951 The Thing from Another World USA  
1952   Ghost Ship UK  
1952   Torticola versus Frankensberg France Torticola contre Frankensberg
1952 The White Reindeer Finland Valkoinen peura
1953   Ghost of Saga Mansion Japan Kaidan Saga yashiki
1953   House of Wax USA  
1953 The Tell-Tale Heart USA  
1954   Creature from the Black Lagoon USA  
1954   Godzilla Japan Gojira
1954   Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome USA  
1954   Rear Window USA  
1954   Return to Youth Mexico Retorno a la juventud
1954   Them! USA  
1955   Diabolique France Les Diaboliques
1956 The Bad Seed USA  
1956   Curse of the Oily Man Singapore Sumpah orang minyak
1956   Invasion of the Body Snatchers USA  
1956   Whistle and I'll Come to You! UK  
1957 The Incredible Shrinking Man USA  
1957   It Was Not in Vain Yugoslavia Nije bilo uzalud
1957   Night of the Demon UK  
1957   Plan 9 from Outer Space USA  
1957 The Vampire Mexico El vampiro
1958 The Blob USA  
1958 The Fly USA  
1959 The Ghost of Yotsuya Japan Tôkaidô Yotsuya kaidan
1959   House on Haunted Hill USA  
1960   13 Ghosts USA  
1960   Black Sunday Italy La maschera del demonio
1960   Eyes Without a Face France Les yeux sans visage
1960   Little Shop of Horrors USA  
1960   Masterworks of Terror Argentina Obras maestras del terror
1960   Never Take Sweets from a Stranger UK  
1960   Peeping Tom UK  
1960   Psycho USA  
1960   Skeleton of Mrs. Morales Mexico El esqueleto de la señora Morales
1960   Village of the Damned UK  
1961   Concert of Death Philippines Konsiyerto ng kamatayan
1961 The Innocents UK  
1961   Mother Joan of the Angels Poland Matka Joanna od Aniolów
1961 The Pit and the Pendulum USA  
1961   Southern Storm Indonesia Badai Selatan
1961   Taste of Fear UK  
1961   Three Daughters India Teen Kanya
1962   Cape Fear USA  
1962   Carnival of Souls USA  
1962   Cybernetic Grandmother Czechoslovakia Kybernetická babicka
1962   What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? USA  
1963 The Birds USA  
1963   Black Sabbath Italy I tre volti della paura
1963 The Devil Italy Il demonio
1963 The Girl Who Knew Too Much Italy La ragazza che sapeva troppo
1963 The Haunting UK  
1964   Blood and Black Lace Italy 6 donne per l'assassino
1964 The Crime of Aldeia Velha Portugal O Crime de Aldeia Velha
1964   Demon Hag Japan Onibaba
1964 The Earth Dies Screaming UK  
1964 The Hangman USA  
1964 The House of Bhargavi India Bhargavi Nilayam
1964   Kwaidan Japan Kaidan
1964 The Last Man on Earth USA  
1964 The Masque of the Red Death USA  
1965   Empty Dreams South Korea Chunmong
1965 The Hand Czechoslovakia Ruka
1965   Repulsion UK  
1966 The Face of Another Japan Tanin no kao
1966   Manos: The Hands of Fate USA  
1966   Punch and Judy Czechoslovakia Rakvickarna
1967 The Big Shave USA  
1967 The Fearless Vampire Killers UK  
1967   Pedro Páramo Mexico Pedro Páramo
1967   Spirit of Evil Soviet Union Viy
1967   This Night I Will Possess Your Corpse Brazil Esta Noite Encarnarei no Teu Cadáver
1968 The Black Cat Japan Yabu no naka no kuroneko
1968   Even the Wind Is Afraid Mexico Hasta el viento tiene miedo
1968 The Flat Czechoslovakia Byt
1968   Hour of the Wolf Sweden Vargtimmen
1968   Night of the Living Dead USA  
1968   Rosemary's Baby USA  
1968 The Scapular Mexico El escapulario
1968   Toby Dammit Italy Toby Dammit
1968 The Woman of the Snow Japan Kaidan yukijorô
1969   Blind Beast Japan Môjû
1969 The Book of Stone Mexico El libro de piedra
1969 The Cremator Czechoslovakia Spalovac mrtvol
1969 The Lottery USA  
1969 The Oiwa Phantom Japan Yotsuya kaidan - Oiwa no borei
1970   An Evening of Edgar Allan Poe USA  
1970 The Bird with the Crystal Plumage Italy L'uccello dalle piume di cristallo
1970 The Grandmother USA  
1970   Valerie and Her Week of Wonders Czechoslovakia Valerie a týden divu
1970 The Vampire Lovers UK  
1970   Witchhammer Czechoslovakia Kladivo na carodejnice
1971 The Abominable Dr. Phibes UK  
1971 A Bay of Blood Italy Ecologia del delitto
1971 The Blood on Satan's Claw UK  
1971   Demons Japan Shura
1971   Duel USA  
1971   Mist India Kuheli
1971 The Third Part of the Night Poland Trzecia czesc nocy
1971   Willard USA  
1972   Blacula USA  
1972 The Devil Poland Diabel
1972   Don’t Torture a Duckling Italy Non si sevizia un paperino
1972   Images UK  
1972 The Last House of the Left USA  
1972   Morgiana Czechoslovakia Morgiana
1972 The Night Stalker USA  
1972 The Telephone Box Spain La cabina
1972 A Warning to the Curious UK  
1972 The Woman Who Powders Herself France La femme qui se poudre
1973   Don't Look Now UK  
1973 The Exorcist USA  
1973 The Hourglass Sanatorium Poland Sanatorium pod Klepsydra
1973 The Night Strangler USA  
1973   Theatre of Blood UK  
1973   Torso Italy I corpi presentano tracce di violenza carnale
1973 The Wicker Man UK  
1974   Black Christmas Canada  
1974   Phantom of the Paradise USA  
1974 The Texas Chain Saw Massacre USA  
1975   Deep Red Italy Profondo rosso
1975   Jaws USA  
1975   Race with the Devil USA  
1975 The Rocky Horror Picture Show UK  
1975 The Stepford Wives USA  
1975   Under the Blossoming Cherry Trees Japan Sakura no mori no mankai no shita
1976   Carrie USA  
1976 The House of the Laughing Windows Italy La casa dalle finestre che ridono
1976 The Inugami Family Japan Inugami-ke no ichizoku
1976 The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane Canada  
1976 The Omen UK  
1976 The Signalman UK  
1976   Would You Kill a Child? Spain ¿Quién puede matar a un niño?
1977   Desperate Living USA  
1977   Eraserhead USA  
1977 The Hills Have Eyes USA  
1977   House Japan Hausu
1977 The Island of Dr. Moreau USA  
1977   Kingdom of the Spiders USA  
1977   Martin USA  
1977   Orca USA  
1977   Suspiria Italy Suspiria
1978   Beauty and the Beast Czechoslovakia Panna a netvor
1978 The Dark Secret of Harvest Home USA  
1978   Empire of Passion Japan Ai no bôrei
1978   Halloween USA  
1978   I Spit on Your Grave USA  
1978   Magic USA  
1978 The Sorcerer’s Apprentice Czechoslovakia Carodejuv ucen
1979   Alien UK  
1979 The Amityville Horror USA  
1979 The Brood Canada  
1979   Harpya Belgium Harpya
1979   Legend of the Mountain Taiwan Shan zhong zhuan qi
1979   Love at First Bite USA  
1979   Phantasm USA  
1979   Prophecy USA  
1979   Salem's Lot USA  
1979   When a Stranger Calls USA  
1980   Cannibal Holocaust Italy Cannibal Holocaust
1980 The Changeling Canada  
1980   Encounters of the Spooky Kind Hong Kong Gui da gui
1980   Friday the 13th USA  
1980 The Shining UK  
1980   Zigeunerweisen Japan Tsigoineruwaizen
1981 An American Werewolf in London UK  
1981 The Day of the Triffids UK  
1981 The Evil Dead USA  
1981 The Howling USA  
1981   Possession France Possession
1982   Poltergeist USA  
1982   Smallpox Yugoslavia Variola vera
1982   Tenebrae Italy Tenebre
1983 The Boxer's Omen Hong Kong Mo
1983 The Dead Zone USA  
1983   Down to the Cellar Czechoslovakia Do pivnice
1983   Fear Austria Angst
1983   Possibly in Michigan USA  
1983   Sleepaway Camp USA  
1983   Twilight Zone: The Movie USA  
1983   Videodrome Canada  
1984   Frankenweenie USA  
1984   Ghostbusters USA  
1984   Ghoulies USA  
1984   Gremlins USA  
1984 A Nightmare on Elm Street USA  
1984   Strangler vs. Strangler Yugoslavia Davitelj protiv davitelja
1985   Fright Night USA  
1985   Lifeforce UK  
1985   Mr. Vampire Hong Kong Geung see sin sang
1985   Re-Animator USA  
1985   Vampire Hunter D Japan Kyûketsuki hantâ D
1986   Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer USA  
1986 The Pied Piper Czechoslovakia Krysar
1986   Poison for the Fairies Mexico Veneno para las hadas
1987   Angel Heart UK  
1987 A Chinese Ghost Story Hong Kong Sien lui yau wan
1987   Fatal Attraction USA  
1987 The Hidden USA  
1987 The Lost Boys USA  
1987   Neo Tokyo Japan Meikyû monogatari
1987   Predator USA  
1987   Reflections Yugoslavia Vec vidjeno
1987 The Witches of Eastwick USA  
1988   Alice Czechoslovakia Neco z Alenky
1988   Beatlejuice USA  
1988   Child's Play USA  
1988   Dead Ringers Canada  
1988   They Live USA  
1988   Virile Games Czechoslovakia Muzné hry
1989   Holy Blood Mexico Santa Sangre
1989   Kitchen Sink New Zealand  
1989   Pet Sematary USA  
1989   Visitor of a Museum Soviet Union Posetitel muzeya
1989 The Woman in Black UK  
1990   Arachnophobia USA  
1990   Darkman USA  
1990   Flatliners USA  
1990 A Holy Place Yugoslavia Sveto mesto
1990   It USA  
1990   Jacob's Ladder USA  
1990   Misery USA  
1990   Tremors USA  
1991 The People Under the Stairs USA  
1991 The Sandman UK  
1991 The Silence of the Lambs USA  
1992   Basic Instinct USA  
1992   Braindead New Zealand  
1992   Candyman USA  
1992   Death Becomes Her USA  
1992 The Hand That Rocks the Cradle USA  
1992 The Lawnmower Man UK  
1992   Night India Raat
1992   Sleepwalkers USA  
1992   Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me France  
1993   Alferd Packer: The Musical USA  
1993 The Good Son USA  
1993 The Halloween Tree USA  
1993   Hocus Pocus USA  
1993 The Ornate Lock India Manichitrathazhu
1993   Shhh! India Shhh!
1994   Cemetery Man Italy Dellamorte dellamore
1994 The Crow USA  
1994   Fear City: A Family-Style Comedy France La cité de la peur
1994   Giorgino France Giorgino
1994   In the Mouth of Madness USA  
1994   Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles USA  
1994 The Stand USA  
1995   Copycat USA  
1995 The Day of the Beast Spain El día de la bestia
1995   Se7en USA  
1995   Species USA  
1996 The Frighteners New Zealand  
1996   From Dusk Till Dawn USA  
1996   Ghosts USA  
1996   Scream USA  
1996   Thesis Spain Tesis
1997   Anaconda USA  
1997   Cube Canada  
1997   Cure Japan Kyua
1997 The Devil’s Advocate USA  
1997   Event Horizon UK  
1997   I Know What You Did Last Summer USA  
1997   Intensity USA  
1997   Mimic USA  
1997 The Relic USA  
1997   Spawn USA  
1998   Blade USA  
1998 The Faculty USA  
1998   Pi USA  
1998 The Quiet Family South Korea Choyonghan kajok
1998   Ring Japan Ringu
1998   Urban Legend Canada  
1999   Audition Japan Ôdishon
1999 The Blair Witch Project USA  
1999   Deep Blue Sea USA  
1999   End of Days USA  
1999   Lake Placid USA  
1999   Pet Shop of Horrors Japan Petto shoppu obu horazu
1999 The Sixth Sense USA  
1999   Stigmata USA  
1999   Storm of the Century USA  

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