Playtime is Over, Underrated Films with Killer Kids [Horror Obsessive]

Using children in horror tales always helps boost the proportion of peril. By placing an innocent child in danger’s way, the tension is elevated tenfold, but what happens when kids are the danger? Everything in our human programming begs us to protect children, even at the cost of our own lives. So, what happens when adults are placed in the unthinkable scenario of trying to survive violence caused by children? Horror fans win, that’s what.

Horror enthusiasts are more than aware of the big titles in the killer kids subgenre. The Omen’s antichrist incarnate, The Bad Seed’s privileged Rhoda, Gage returning from the Pet Semetary only to kill Judd Crandell, Isacc’s sermons in the cornfields, psychopath Henry Evans in The Good Son, among countless others. Bracing for last week’s release of Changeling horror film There’s Something Wrong with the Children, about two kids that returned changed after spending a night in the woods. I started watching some deep cuts featuring killer kids and thought I’d share a few that don’t always get the attention they deserve.

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