All of the Halloween Nudity (and More) in One Post [Cultsploitation]

Previously, we compiled all of the nudity from the Friday the 13th films and that was a huge hit (you’d think we’re Mr. Skin or something). We’ve also done all of the Hellraiser franchise (all ten films, even the crappy ones!). So we thought we’d do the same thing with some other massively popular horror franchises, and what’s more popular than the Halloween series that just got greenlit for two new sequels? It might be surprising, but the Halloween series doesn’t actually have that much nudity – in fact, Rob Zombie might have doubled the nudity count of the entire series with just his two films. However, we’ve compiled all of the nudity and near-nudity that we could find from each film in the series with HD shots of the scenes, and we hope you enjoy this NSFW look at every Halloween film in the franchise. (If a movie isn’t listed, it’s because there is no nudity in it. Also if we missed anything, let us know.)

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