Top 5 Horror Movies 1987 [Land of the Creeps]

Welcome to episode 355 of LOTC!! This week is our top 5 horror movies from 1987. This was such an amazing year for horror that we called in the troops. We invited Dave Zee and Mister Wat Son who have there own show the Wat-Zee party which is making its comeback and Dave Zee also is host over at Exploding Heads horror podcast and they both also are part of Jay Of the Deads New Horror Movie Podcast. This show is a full crew and WOW was it lots of fun as we celebrate Mister Wat Son's Birthday live on the show. With some of the best horror movies in the decade of 80's You will not want to miss this one. So be sure to get your favorite snacks and beverages together , turn up the volume and journey with us through Land Of the Creeps.

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