Horror [VHS Collector]

VHSCollector.com evolved from its earlier horror-focused predecessor, SlasherIndex.com. It was conceived as an informational database for researchers and collectors around the globe. It is driven by a fervent obsession to catalog the vast sea of home video cassettes released from the late 1970's through the early 2000's. To this day, thousands of compilations, "how-to" tutorials, and other special interest type videos remain unaccounted for not only in IMDb databases, but almost anywhere else on the internet. In our pursuit to document everything recorded onto cassettes for the consumer market, we hope to catch the programs that have slipped through the cracks due to either their extreme obscurity or atypical nature.

VHSCollector.com's main purpose isn't to sell any product or earn profits from ads, but rather to inform about the most successful home video market to date - an attempt to document and preserve the colorful history of physical media. With our growing archive and distributor catalogs, visitors have access to information and images to assist in their exploration of the home video age. From the popular horror genre to the outdated "how-to" instructional videos, we aim to complete these catalogs so that you're not missing a thing. But for this to work, we must have the support and cooperation of fellow collectors.

The website funds itself through its Amazon and eBay affiliate programs and donors to our crowdfunding campaigns.


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