Mansion of Mystery – Part 1 of 4

My main character name is Scarlett Kaiju. I am a sorceress with the ability to travel through time and space via an interdimensional portal.

My son Colin's main character is CJ the Werewolf. Aside from his lycanthropy, he is a normal college student, with a slightly snarky attitude. The characters, like us in real life, share a very close bond and are very protective of each other.

Other characters that appear on the show (although with two possible exceptions, they will not be available for the podcast):

Mrs. O'Brien - Our Southern belle neighbor who is fiercely and insanely devoted to her cat Mittens.

Mittens - Since he is played by our cat Dean, he may make an appearance. Mrs. O'Brien's highly intelligent and easily provoked orange tabby.

Evil Baby Demon Clown (also known as EBDC) - Scarlett's adopted son (also played by Colin). A juvenile clown who escaped from Monica Lake, owner of The Great Lakes Circus (a play on Joan Crawford's character from Berserk). Although he loves Scarlett, who he calls "Lady," he hates CJ intently and harbors homicidal feelings towards monkeys, presumably from his circus days.

Nanny - EBDC's clown nanny, who thinks she's Harley Quinn.

Sgt. Wednesday - A local police detective who is also a neighbor. He harbors a love of terrible audio books.

Ralphie O'Brien - Mrs. O'Brien's nephew, who is sort of an Eddie Haskell type with no morals and a desire for world domination.

Nick Shyster - Scarlett's highly incompetent attorney, who also does commercials for pretty much anything as long as it pays. Another of Colin's characters. His father, Nick Shyster Sr., appears occasionally, played by Lou Wagner from Planet of the Apes and CHiPs.

Tripp Punter - An incompetent time traveler and the pilot of the good ship Ambush Bug, a parody of Rip Hunter from Legends of Tomorrow. Another of Colin's characters, he occasionally has his own show, The Adventures of Tripp Punter, which airs on WBXZ. His employer, the leader of the Time Bosses, is played in one episode by Colin Baker, the Sixth Doctor Who.

Caiaphas - The Ambush Bug's brilliant and sarcastic A.I. She is played by my Production Manager Kim Bundy who may be stopping by for the podcast in character, which is a voice only role.

Magda and Buffy - A pair of evil gypsies who want to kidnap CJ for nefarious purposes.

Mr. O'Brien - Mrs. O'Brien's husband, who frequently plays second fiddle to Mittens. He is referred to more often than he appears, but when he does, he is played by the real life husband of Mrs. O'Brien.

Sapphire Kaiju - Scarlett's evil twin sister - My other major character - who wears an identical costume to Scarlett's, only in blue instead of red.

Myron, Amelia and Rhoda Bushell - The snobby couple down the street and their bad seed daughter.

Places we air:

  1. WBXZ Throwback Television in Buffalo, NY – 8 PM Saturdays/5 PM Sundays; Monday – Thursday at 11:30 PM

  2. Weekly on The Monster Channel ( at 8 PM Thursdays/8 AM Fridays

  3. Weekly on WHNE – The Drive In Channel 3.6 in Detroit, MI – Saturdays at 2 PM

  4. Monthly on The Vortexx ( at 9 PM EST on the last Friday of the month

  5. Roku – On Demand on Beta Max TV (

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