Terrifier 2 Doesn’t Clown Around on Brutal Kills [Horror Obsessive]

What the f*ck is Art the Clown? I’d be lying if I said, “As I was sitting in the theater for Terrifier 2, this was the number one question on my mind.” No, I came to Terrifier 2 fully aware of what to expect. Despite a Rotten Tomatoes score of 100% with thirteen reviews in place when I entered, I didn’t enter the cinema with the presumption that Terrifier 2 would be an instant classic. Rotten Tomatoes only rates positive reviews versus negative reviews. Terrifier 2’s Metascore of 68% is far more on the nose of how to gauge your excitement, but, as any horror fan knows, that’s still kind of rare. Terrifier 2 has been rated favorably on an old-school report card level while also being universally enjoyed so far, so, of course, I wanted to check this out.


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