Season 3 Episode 6 Podcast 63

Originally aired Saturday, September 30, 2023.

Odysees New Spooky Category OdyseeOdysee's New Spooky Category [Odysee]

Halloween is coming up, and you may have noticed that we've added a new video category: Spooky.

This category is for all things scary on Odysee, like ghosts, ghouls, goblins, Mark Zuckerberg, true crime, and so on. This also gives us a chance to feature creators who haven't really been in the spotlight before.

This category will be up at least through the end of Halloween. We're not sure yet if we want to make this a permanent category or not, so be sure to let us know what you think!


Brad Anderson Set to Direct George A. Romeros Last Living Dead Movie Horror LandBrad Anderson Set to Direct George A Romero’s Last ‘Living Dead’ Movie [Horror Land]

The director for George A. Romero’s last zombie film, “Twilight of the Dead,” has been confirmed, after the script “rose from the grave” amoungst the iconic directors many scripts and sribbles discovered on his estate.


Quiz How well do you know the Halloween Series In Poor TasteQuiz – How well do you know the Halloween Series [In Poor Taste]

How well do you know the Halloween Series?

Halloween is fast approaching and what better way to celebrate than by answering a bunch of questions on the Halloween series of films! See how well you know the series with these 10 questions.


OLDER GODS A Lovecraftian descent into madness Official WebsiteOLDER GODS – A Lovecraftian descent into madness [Official Website]

After the disappearance of his troubled friend, American Chris Rivers travels to the remote Welsh countryside to investigate what happened – leading him to a dark apocalyptic cult.


Scarecrow Movies A List from Old Classics to Modern Scary Flicks Scary StudiesScarecrow Movies – A List from Old Classics to Modern Scary Flicks [Scary Studies]

Scarecrows have been around for thousands of years. And it should be no surprise that they would appear in our stories and movies as fictional characters that may come alive. The idea is rife with storytelling power, especially if you want to lean into the horror of it all. So what if you’re in the mood for some scarecrow movies to jump into?

Well, strap in. Here we will take a look at scarecrows movies available to watch, from older flicks to modern horror masterpieces. Get ready.


Revisiting the 1995 Sega Genesis Oddity The Ooze Horror Geek LifeRevisiting the 1995 Sega Genesis Oddity ‘The Ooze’ [Horror Geek Life]

When you think of the vast library of games on the Sega Genesis, there are likely a select few that come to mind. The blast processing found in Sonic the Hedgehog or the slick style of Streets of Rage are noteworthy candidates. If you’re a Genesis enthusiast, maybe you’d lean more toward the exceedingly rare Alien Soldier or ever-popular Gunstar Heroes. Despite ultimately falling out of favor when it came time to compete with the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) in the early 1990s, plenty of games in the Genesis library remain beloved to this day.


The Amityville Horror 1979 Review Horror HabitThe Amityville Horror (1979) Review [Horror Habit]

It's Halloween!! Halloweeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnn! I love Halloween, if you couldn't tell.

I was so excited walking home after work today - seeing all the great, clever, cute, scary costumes. I could barely contain my excitement watching all the people wandering through my neighborhood, bags full of candy, giggling, laughing, screaming with joy.


The Poseidon Adventure 1972 Review Lazarus LairThe Poseidon Adventure (1972) Review [Lazaru’s Lair]

On her last sea voyage and with greedy owners cutting nautical corners to get the ocean liner to the scrapyards, the top-heavy SS Poseidon cruises towards Greece full of revellers celebrating New Years eve as it is battered by an enormous tidal wave. Within moments the bridge is wiped out and the ship capsizes, slowly rotating until it is completely upside down.


Comic Crypt Space Vampires Descend Upon Readers In THE BLOODY DOZEN This December Horror PatchComic Crypt – Space Vampires Descend Upon Readers In THE BLOODY DOZEN This December [Horror Patch]

Image Comics will release an all-new tale of thriller space terror in the upcoming THE BLOODY DOZEN! The six-episode miniseries is from bestselling author Charles Soule and superstar artist Alberto Jiménez Alburquerque. Get more details below.


The Readthru Haunt of Fear Part 1 SchlockmaniaThe Readthru – Haunt of Fear Part 1 [Schlockmania]

E.C. Comics clearly had faith in their line of "New Trend" horror comics from the jump because they launched a third title one month after the first issues of Tales From The Crypt and Vault Of Horror. Haunt Of Fear followed the same format as its predecessors: four self-contained horror stories, usually introduced by ghastly hosts who laced their storytelling with plenty of macabre puns to let the reader know that the stories were all in grisly good fun. These tales would soon become known for their gory punchlines but the early issues are a bit more restrained with their displays of grue.


Michael Myers Will Return Miramax Shops Halloween Franchise Rights iHorrorMichael Myers Will Return – Miramax Shops ‘Halloween’ Franchise Rights [iHorror]

In a recent exclusive from Bloody Disgusting, the legendary Halloween horror franchise stands on the brink of a significant evolution. Miramax, which holds the current rights, is exploring collaborations to propel the series into its next chapter.


Top 5 Pets In Horror Movies Horror SocietyTop 5 Pets In Horror Movies [Horror Society]

Dogs and cats are some of the best companions a human can have. They also play vital roles in many of our favorite horror movies. Sometimes they help save the day, and other times they exist just to make the hero’s life harder. Either way, furry friends often steal the show in whatever movie they’re in. Here are the five best pets that have ever appeared on the silver screen for horror.


5 Horror Novels That Deserve a Video Game Adaptation Horror Novel reviews5 Horror Novels That Deserve a Video Game Adaptation [Horror Novel Reviews]

It’s been about 15 years since I had the luxury and free time to really sit back and let a video game swallow my soul – err, existence (sorry, I’ve had the Evil Dead 2 board game on my mind lately!). The dwindling interest in games (I admit, I recently cheated, paying Game Shed a visit for a little stress relief) has little to do with the games themselves (oh how far we’ve come from the Nintendo days!), and just about everything to do with enormous workloads and the constant attention that three rambunctious youngsters demand. Sometimes growing up really sucks, and sometimes growing up means living vicariously through our own offspring… when mom isn’t looking, of course.


Halloween 1978 Review Horror Movie A DayHalloween (1978) Review [Horror Movie A Day]

I don't want to admit it, but I really fucking hated John Carpenter's Halloween. I know it's considered a classic, the birth of the slasher film (which isn't even accurate - Bob Clark made a nearly identical, better film in 1974 with Black Christmas - all Carpenter did was change the holiday!), a marvelous demonstration of how to use Panavision for a horror film, but none of this matters to me. The movie is just a complete waste of time.


Can You Survive This Fiendish Horror Trivia Quiz Horror ObsessiveCan You Survive This Fiendish Horror Trivia Quiz [Horror Obsessive]

How well do you know horror films? Our team of staff writers racked their brains for horror trivia questions that only die-hard horror film fans will know the answers to. We’ve got facts about horror from classic films to modern franchises and from major plot details to behind-the-scenes information. Do you have what it takes to survive our fiendish horror trivia quiz?


15 Most Underrated Slasher Horror Movies Horror News Net15 Most Underrated Slasher Horror Movies [Horror News Net]

You guys know that I am a slasher flick fanatic and that I take pride in the fact that I have seen just about every one of them, especially the ones that were made in the 80s. While I dig the big ones like Halloween, Friday the 13th, and Nightmare on Elm Street I also love some of the lesser known ones that have somehow flown under the radar that a lot of people aren’t aware of as well. There are a ton of great slasher flicks out there that a lot of people haven’t seen and I feel that it is my duty to shine a spotlight on them so they can finally get the attention that they deserve. A lot of them are very underrated and hold a special place in my heart for a number of reasons, and I think that if you seek them out and give them a shot you will love them as much as I do.


Tormented 1960 Full Movie Public Domain TorrentsTormented (1960) Full Movie [Public Domain Torrents]

A jazz pianist is haunted by his dead ex-lover's crawling hand and floating head.

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