Season 3 Episode 7 Podcast 64

Originally aired Saturday, October 7, 2023.

HORROR Mikes Indie Sci Fi Horror Movies Comics Collectibles RumbleHORROR Mike's Indie Sci-Fi Horror Movies Comics Collectibles [Rumble]

Science fiction, horror, and fantasy for indie movie fans plus comic books, magazines, and books.


Dylans New Nightmare MindsDylan’s New Nightmare [Minds]

Dylan’s New Nightmare is a direct sequel to Wes Craven's New Nightmare.

Dave McCrae plays an excellent Freddy Krueger.

Posing from Invidious for to bypass YouTube's age gate for those of us who have DeGoogled.


Coleman Brother Films Official WebsiteColeman Brother Films [Official Website]

Coleman Brother Films is a full service production company that provides production and post production services to a multitude of different clients.

We work with producers, businesses, and agencies to provide high-quality video production for any project size.

We partner and build production teams of freelancers to fit the needs of various productions.


Night Dawn or Day of the Dead GabNight, Dawn or Day of the Dead [Gab]

Curious to know everyone’s favorite George Romero zombie movie out of his original trilogy. Night, Dawn, or Day?


Maranatha A Suspense Novella Official Book Trailer 2023 OdyseeMaranatha A Suspense Novella – Official Book Trailer (2023) [Odysee]

Order Maranatha* NOW:

*Warning: DOES contain both horrific and adult situations and language

Kindle eBook FREE October 2nd-6th


Mike Lyddon Bio Horror Anthology MoviesMike Lyddon Bio [Horror Anthology Movies]

Mike T. Lyddon has been making no-budget indie genre films for more than 25 years.


Vault 11 Fallout New Vegas Breeze WikiVault 11 – Fallout New Vegas [Breeze Wiki]

As with the majority of other Vault-Tec Vaults, Vault 11 served as a social experiment. Vault 11's experiment was that the inhabitants were told to sacrifice one of their fellow Vault dwellers each year or else the Vault computer would kill everyone. In actuality, if the residents refused, a message from Vault-Tec would be played. The message commended the dwellers for not selecting one of their own as a sacrifice, telling the dwellers their "commitment to human life is a shining example to us all" and revealing that no one would be killed. The message also informed them that as a reward the Vault door was now unlocked, allowing free passage to and from the Vault, but urged the dwellers to consult with their overseer before doing so. However, by the time the Vault 11 inhabitants chose to stop sending sacrifices only five of them remained.


Frankenstein Mini Series Shout TVFrankenstein Mini Series [Shout TV]

Adaption of Mary Shelley's novel about a scientist who brings life to a creature fashioned from corpses and various body parts.


Hotel Inferno Wild Eye ReleasingHotel Inferno [Wild Eye Releasing]

The World's First POV action horror movie. Hitman Frank Zimosa is hired for a lucrative mission by a rich client. The objective: kill two people in a hotel. But this simple job soon becomes a nightmare as an army of insane henchmen and monsters are waiting for him, all under the control of an ancient and unstoppable demon - now Frank must fight his way out with any weapon he can get his hands on in this extreme splatter epic.


Could Be Worse by Robert Van Dusen SubstackCould Be Worse by Robert Van Dusen [Substack]

A short story set in the universe of my Get Out Alive zombie novels.


First Lithuanian Slasher We Might Hurt Each Other Adds Fun Twists to a Familiar Formula Modern HorrorsFirst Lithuanian Slasher ‘We Might Hurt Each Other’ Adds Fun Twists to a Familiar Formula [Modern Horrors]

If you’ve never seen a Lithuanian horror movie before, there’s a very good reason for that–they aren’t really a thing. Unlike many other places, Lithuania doesn’t have a history of horror in movies. There isn’t even much in terms of written fiction. Director/co-writer Jonas Trukanas hopes to be part of the turning tide on that with his first feature We Might Hurt Each Other (a.k.a. Pensive, a.k.a. Rupintojelis). We Might Hurt Each Other is Lithuania’s first slasher movie, and it largely sticks to the formula we know–with some welcome twists.


Five On It Cosmic Horror Morbidly BeautifulFive On It – Cosmic Horror [Morbidly Beautiful]

While cosmic horror is often inspired by lovecraft, many modern filmmakers have delivered terror beyond realms previously explored.


About Weird Tales Weird TalesAbout Weird Tales [Weird Tales]

Weird Tales is the place where two storytelling concepts meet: speculative and alternative. In 1923, when the magazine was originally founded, those two ideas amounted to the same thing. Weird Tales was launched to showcase writers trying to publish stories so bizarre and far out, no one else would publish them — stories of unearthly dimensions and dark possibilities, gothic seductresses and cosmic monstrosities. Today, Weird Tales carries that mission forward into the 21st century, finding the most talented new writers, artists, and creators whose visions are too incredible to fit within the comfortable little boxes of everyday experience.


54 Best Kids Halloween Movies Rotten Tomatoes54 Best Kids Halloween Movies [Rotten Tomatoes]

Looking for a scary movie to watch with the kids and family? Or a horror movie that won’t necessarily send you scrambling beneath the covers, with a 6,000 watt night light plugged in? Then you’ve come to the right ghoulish place with our guide to some of the best children’s movies for Halloween!


Horror Favourites Jeff Ryan Love HorrorHorror Favourites – Jeff Ryan [Love Horror]

The Horror Collective’s influencer’s revenge horror-comedy MEAN SPIRITED is out now written and directed by Jeff Ryan, and co-written by Joe Adams (The AV Club) and we grabbed Jeff to give us a run down of his five favorite frightening films.


Blockbuster Who The Magic of the Mom and Pop Video Shop Nightmare NostalgiaBlockbuster Who, The Magic of the Mom-and-Pop Video Shop [Nightmare Nostalgia]

I have to credit my discovery of many different horror films to my local Mom and Pop Video Store growing up, Action Video. Under a mile away, it was close enough for me to hop on my bike and undergo one of my favorite journeys to take on a weekend afternoon or anytime during the Summer. It was located in a shopping mall that included a Smiths’, Osco Drugs, Naugles, Pizza Hut, and of course, a McDonald’s. Usually, before a trip to Action Video, we’d pop into Osco for the latest issue of MAD magazine and Fangoria and some snacks for later’s horror marathon festivities. Then a trip to one of the fast food chains located within to get some carbs in for the adrenaline rush to come later; a personal pan Pizza Hut pizza or ye’ old faithful Hamburger Happy Meal from the clown was my regular go-to. And then, off to Action Video for the finale to discover what new and glorious atrocities await to be feasted upon thine eyes.


Scarecrows 1988 Full Movie Film ChestScarecrows (1988) Full Movie [Film Chest]

Five men heist the Camp Pendleton payroll and kidnap a pilot and his daughter, who are forced to fly them to Mexico. Enroute a double cross has one of the thieves parachute with the loot into an abandoned farm surrounded by strange scarecrows. The rest of the team jump after their loot and their former partner. Everything happens during the course of one very dark night.

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