Season 3 Episode 9 Podcast 66

Originally aired Saturday, October 21, 2023.

All Friday the 13th Movies Ranked By metaleddie GabAll Friday the 13th Movies Ranked By metaleddie [Gab]

From Least Favorite to Favorite 💀 🍿 😱


SONG: Welcome to Crystal Lake

ARTIST: Harry Manfredini

ALBUM: Friday the 13th: The Ultimate Compilation

(Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

The theme from the first Friday the 13th film.


Shilling Shockers 2022 Halloween Special Horror Host GraveyardShilling Shockers 2022 Halloween Special [Horror Host Graveyard]

Going Ape


Nightmare Tom Leahy TV Horror Host Pioneer Basement Sublet of HorrorNightmare – Tom Leahy, TV Horror Host Pioneer [Basement Sublet of Horror]

Fan-made documentary from 1986 by Jeff Kilian


Christmas Slasher Its a Wonderful Knife Rated R for Bloody Violence Bloody DisgustingChristmas Slasher ‘It’s a Wonderful Knife’ Rated “R” for “Bloody Violence” [Bloody Disgusting]

The upcoming slasher It’s a Wonderful Knife blends Scream with It’s a Wonderful Life, and the official MPA rating has arrived ahead of the film’s November release.


Is the Saw Movie Based on a True Story Puzzle Box HorrorIs the Saw Movie Based on a True Story [Puzzle Box Horror]

The Saw horror franchise is notorious for its sick and twisted death scenes (even being produced by a company called “Twisted Pictures”). The Saw franchise takes advantage of a very real fear in all of us: sadistic torture and body horror. Given torture is a fairly realistic fear, free of supernatural elements, it is more logical that there could be a real life killer like John Kramer (Jigsaw from the movie). After all, many of the traps (or similar mockeries) could be devised from simple components and parts available online and from hardware stores.


Halloween 2007 Review Bastard of CinemaHalloween (2007) Review [Bastard of Cinema]

Rob Zombie's re-imagining of Halloween begins with Michael Myers's childhood. Raised in a white trash household with an abusive stepfather and a desperate mother who works at the local strip club to make ends meet, young Michael Myers's sociopathic behavior goes unchecked until he finally snaps and kills several people on Halloween night. Now after 15 years in an asylum, Michael Myers escapes and returns to Haddonfield for his little sister.


Horror Thriller Section DiabolikHorror & Thriller Section [Diabolik]


An American Hippie in Israel 1972 Grindhouse ReleasingAn American Hippie in Israel (1972) [Grindhouse Releasing]

Grindhouse Releasing is proud to present the highly-anticipated release of one of cult cinema's legendary lost classics. Machine gun wielding mimes, robots, blood thirsty sharks, free loving debauchery and poignant anti-war monologues by raving mad hippies, all this and more is present in writer-director-prophet Amos Sefer's allegorical independent film, AN AMERICAN HIPPIE IN ISRAEL. Far out!


The Phantasm Timeline PhantasmThe Phantasm Timeline [Phantasm]


Writer/Director Don Coscarelli retreats to a cabin in the woods and begins the script for what would ultimately become the original PHANTASM.


Using Horror Games to Escape the REAL HORROR of Existence OdyseeUsing Horror Games to Escape the REAL HORROR of Existence [Odysee]

The world is going to hell in a handbag, so let's fiddle while Rome burns! I mean, let's play the Resident Evil 4 Remake Separate Ways DLC! Only Ada Wong can save us.


CHUD 1984 Review Dreadful ThingsCHUD (1984) Review [Dreadful Things]

C.H.U.D. (Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers) is a heartwarming prequel to Home Alone. John Heard does a great job portraying a young Peter McAllister trying to make a living in New York City as a photographer. Daniel Stern plays Marv as a humanitarian running a soup kitchen, before he went down the path of robbery. The events that take place in this movie do a great job leading up to Home Alone and it's really nice to see where the Wet Bandits got their work ethic from.


A Decade of Horrors 2000 2009 Infini tropolisA Decade of Horrors, 2000-2009 [Infini-tropolis]

Hard to believe another decade of horror films is coming to a close, but that’s exactly the point that we’re at right now. Most horror fans that grew up in the 80’s consider the decade to be pretty bad, and it’s hard to argue that point when looking at the gross amount of remakes that have saturated the genre as well as the dawning of “Torture Porn” as a mainstream attraction and the countless films that have spawned from it with little else to offer than gore and shocks. But we here at Infini-Tropolis don’t chalk the 00’s up as a total failure, and below you can find some of the site’s staff and contributors thoughts on what the top 10 horror films from the first decade of the new millennium were.


The Exorcist Believer 2023 Negative Reviews MetacriticThe Exorcist – Believer (2023) Negative Reviews [Metacritic]

It requires a rare ineptitude to take what is famously one of the most terrifying movies ever made, recycle pretty much everything (including Tubular Bells on the score) but neglect to include the scares.

The Observer (UK)


The Black by Robert Van Dusen SubstackThe Black by Robert Van Dusen [Substack]

He stared out of the view port enraptured by the view, his hands folded behind his back.

It always astonished him, the black.


1980s Halloween Television Commercials Archive Internet Archive1980s Halloween Television Commercials Archive [Internet Archive]

Over 100 Halloween commercials from the 1980's. Approximately one hour of video.


My Completely Subjective and Ridiculously Thorough List of the Greatest Films Ever Made Films that Witness MadnessMy Completely Subjective, and Ridiculously Thorough, List of the Greatest Films Ever Made [Films that Witness Madness]


Christmas Evil 1980 Full Movie Film ChestChristmas Evil (1980) Full Movie [Film Chest]

Emotionally scarred as a boy when he learns that Santa Claus isn't real, a man grows up to become a toymaker and his life and home demonstrates an obsession with Christmas. As issues with his job and life put additional pressure upon him, the man eventually goes over the edge. Dressing as Santa and stealing a truckload of toys from work, the deranged man sets out on Christmas Eve to reward the good children and punish the bad children.

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